Home Owners Insurance

Home Owners Shelbyville

Homeowners insurance not only protects your investment for your home, it also covers your personal property and bodily liability depending on the policy you choose.

Most company policies cover the basic, fire or lightening, windstorms and hail damage, pipes freezing and theft. Always remember Flood Insurance is separate and never included in a homeowners insurance policy.

Most business and professional services operated from your home are not covered, however we do provide business/commercial insurance which even covers a vehicle used for the business.

The amount of coverage you purchase should at least cover the replacement value of your home and we can assist with that determining that value. If your home is currently mortgaged, or you are in need of a mortgage policy, Hitchcock Title Service can provide information and rates for your needs.

Home Inventory

Listing your personal property is important should you ever have a claim. For appliances and electronics, please include the make, model and serial number. You will also need to include the value for each item listed and the purchase date if possible. Start in one room, complete the inventory there then move to the next room, which makes it less likely to forget any items. Also, list items in your attic, basement, garage and other outbuildings.

Competitive Insurance Coverage

Homeowners insurance policies are packaged policies and consist of a Declarations Page, Policy Booklet and Endorsements.

Read your policy carefully and if you think the coverage is inadequate, ask your agent how much it would cost to increase those limits or to purchase additional coverage. Understand your annual premium and monthly rates and your options for payment, the date your coverage begins and any exclusions for your homeowners insurance policy.

Common types of homeowners polices:

  • HO1 Basic or Standard policy
  • HO2 Broad form
  • HO3 Special (aka Deluxe or All Risk)
  • HO4 Renters policy
  • HO6 Condo policy
  • HO8 Older Home policy