Individual Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance

With individual health insurance, you and your family can expect exceptional treatment, the latest medical technology, and your choice of plans that will allow you to pick your doctor, your hospital, and your pharmacy.

Why should you buy your own health insuance policy?
The public has expected their employers to provide insurance for them, now many companies are choosing not to offer that benefit due to costs. You may think that an individual policy is not as affordable as a group policy but that is not always the case.

Individual health insurance offers several advantages over group health;
  • a policy with the right coverage for you, not everyone else
  • a policy you can keep even if you leave that employer
  • the responsibilty is yours and you do not help pay the coverage of others.

Group Health

Health Insurance Policy

When you offer health coverage to your employees it can help you recruit and keep quality employees who can help to make your business successful.

We offer a wide selection of plans from major insurance carriers. Every group is different, but we take the time to select the right plans so you can make the right decision for your group. Adding supplemental accident and income disability coverage is flexible and affordable.

We will work for you to compare coverages & rates from multiple carriers for your business group. Contact us for a free-no obligation group health insurance quote.
Whether it's for a group or individual health insurance, we have you covered.
Click here for valuable information on Medicare Supplemental Insurance!

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Hitchcock Insurance will provide quotes for individual health insurance and discuss options with any applicant in regard to their personal needs.
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